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Many marketing technology providers claim good deliverability – yet few can back that claim with evidence. At Lyris, we've designed and implemented cutting-edge approaches to managing and optimising email deliverability – enabling you to reach the inbox at the highest possible rates of any email service provider.

“The deliverability services provided by Lyris have continually exceeded our expectations. We are now able to react much faster as issues arise.” - Pumpkin Patch

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Science-Based Focus on Industry-Leading Deliverability

At Lyris, our policies and practices for deliverability optimisation are based on data and testing, not myth and superstition.

Data-driven Approach
Lyris invests extensive and ongoing focus on black-box testing spam filters to illuminate their inner workings as closely as possible, including nuances of latest filter changes, to generate the best possible results for our clients.

Careful client selection
We diligently review prospective clients that are on-boarded to ensure that only good email is sent from the Lyris domain, protecting our clients' inbox placement rates and avoiding chances of filtering issues.

Advanced reputation management
Our day to day monitoring and management of shared IP addresses on the Lyris platform is powered by custom-designed reputation models to address and avoid the typical challenges faced by email services providers.

Deliverability Optimisation Services by World-class Experts

Lyris Delivery View services consultants provide you the data, tools, expertise, and partnership to ensure optimal delivery of email campaigns. Acting as a coach by your side, we manage everything from white-listing strategies to proactive monitoring and ISP relationships. Our mission is to help you reach the inbox so that your emails are seen, read, and will lead to action.

Closed-loop deliverability optimization

  • The Lyris team is subscribed to as many feedback loops as possible – from the world's biggest ISPs, to small regional providers – to facilitate the removal of recipients who complained from your lists and keep your total spam complaints low.
  • The Lyris Deliverability Services team requests whitelisting with ISPs, where available, for clients on dedicated IP domains and select shared pools
  • Our solution not only supports the latest authentication standards, but is designed with future standards in mind – preventing reputation hijacking before it does damage.
  • Lyris configures our DNS and sending infrastructure based on deliverability best practices to help make sure that manual anti-spam reviews by an ISP representative will not result in any unexpected surprises

Proactive monitoring and alerting

  • Lyris Deliverability Services experts shadow clients’ deliverability results and alert clients whenever there are action items that can be recommended to further improve success.
  • Dozens of internal deliverability monitoring tools, facilities, and metrics power our team with proactive monitoring of inbox placement results. Given the huge number of variables that ISPs use in filtering, an email service provider that you can trust must have the ability to evaluate each metric several different ways so that they can support you closely enough.

Helping you build on our foundations for optimal deliverability

  • Lyris’ industry-leading success with deliverability optimisation sets the foundation for your marketing programs. Yet, as the sender, you are also responsible for building a strong sending reputation on top of that. Your content, design, lists, permission practices, and many other elements of your email marketing program affect how recipients will respond to your messages and in turn impact how well ISP filters will treat your messages for inbox placement.
  • Since it's not always easy to make sure all these elements are aligned, Lyris experts are available to offer deliverability and strategy consulting services, coaching our clients to make the most out of their email marketing opportunities.

Sending IP Options that Fit Every Need

Lyris provides a range of sending IP options to fit every client’s need.

Dedicated IPs

  • Build especially strong sending reputation
  • Best choice for high volume senders
  • Best possible deliverability by maintaining direct control

Select shared IP pools
for the best of senders

  • Highest-reputation shared IPs reserved for the most exceptional senders
  • Measured by recipients perceiving the emails as most valuable
  • Subject to meeting certain metrics and requirements

Shared IP pools

  • Regularly monitored and actively optimized by Lyris
  • Most popular choice for the majority of Lyris clients

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