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Email and Digital Messaging In-the-Cloud

Lyris HQ, our cloud-based (SaaS) email and digital marketing solution, brings together enterprise-scale interactive messaging capabilities to automate customer engagement across email and other
digital channels.

Lyris HQ empowers marketers to quickly and easily create content, automate multiple complex campaigns simultaneously, and interact with customers and prospects more effectively using personalized and
targeted messaging.

A fully-connected approach to customer communications

With an intuitive design built the way digital marketers work, Lyris HQ gives you the power to create, automate, and optimize your digital
marketing communications.

1. Listen and Understand
Automatically connect customer and behavioral data from multiple sources. Gain a rich picture of each individual customer including Web, mobile, and social behavior; past and current actions; purchase history, and interaction history such as emails received and opened, and responses. Create segments based on a single view of the customer using powerful segmentation tools and relational data.

2. Compose or Automatically Assemble Communications
Compose rich dynamic content for emails, landing pages, registration forms, and other digital channels using embedded mobile-optimized templates or the built-in HTML editor. Personalize messages using any data or feed in dynamic content. It’s quick and efficient to use.

3. Engage Customers
Engage customers with highly-relevant, targeted, and timely messages, for welcome programs, real-time triggered messages, eCommerce Marketing Automation, and more. Target future campaigns to audiences based on their interaction history.

4. Optimize Performance
Ensure messages make it into the inbox with integrated monitoring for deliverability, sender reputation, and blacklisting. Increase opens, click-throughs, and conversions with integrated workflows and insights from real-time revenue-side analytics, heat maps, automated testing, spam filter scoring, and previews of how messages render across email clients and mobile devices. Inform better campaigns with built-in Web analytics or using Lyris with your preferred third-party analytics providers (like Adobe)

5. Capture and Deliver
Close the loop on marketing programs by capturing registrations via landing pages and forms you create and integrating with your preferred ecommerce system (e.g. Magento, ChannelAdvisor, Shopify, Yahoo Stores, etc. ), your CRM system (e.g. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.), or any other system.

Advanced Delivery Management Console to optimize email reach and engagement

With just a few clicks, Lyris HQ users can preview messages across over 30 different clients and mobile devices, scan content for keywords that would trigger spam filters, and monitor check for email sender reputation, blacklisting, and examine inbox placement of past campaigns. Lyris HQ saves costs and effort by enabling marketers to maximize campaign performance without needing to manage multiple solutions. The result is better deliverability and personalized engagement anywhere digital marketing messages are viewed by customers.

Download the Lyris Advanced Delivery Management Console data sheet >

Reputation Monitor: Insights to help Maximize Sender Reputation with ISPs

Trend your sender reputation based on the Lyris proprietary mail score metric using the Lyris Reputation Monitor interactive charting user interface. Take proactive action to optimize deliverability based on the insights. Lyris experts stand by for coaching and assistance to help you achieve best results.

Download the Lyris Advanced Delivery Management Console data sheet to learn more >

Lyris Deliverability Services >

Advanced Engagement Analytics to target sub-sequent messages based on geolocations and device preferences

Segment and target messages based on integrated insights into customer interaction history, geolocation, and mobile device preferences. Lyris engagement analytics automatically augment customer profile data in Lyris HQ with insights derived from each contact’s history of email interactions. No need to deploy any additional data collection tags to benefit from these integrated analytics.

Download the Lyris Advanced Engagement Analytics data sheet >

Relational Segmentation helps precision-target messages for optimal response

The better targeted messages are, the more response and revenue they drive. Go beyond using contact level data for segmentation and draw on rich relational data to pinpoint messages. Make the most out of analytics based targeting by using for example contacts’ purchase or web browsing history within Lyris.

Automate A/B testing to maximize marketing performance

Configure and automate intelligent A/B testing directly during the message creation workflow. You can test not just subject lines and "from names", but also content, layout, call to actions, and any other aspect of your campaigns. Maintain control over picking the test winner or let Lyris determine and deploy winners automatically based on your preferred success metric.

Editions available to match your exact business needs

Lyris HQ Power Edition
Lyris HQ Power Edition is for professional online marketers who manage complex digital campaigns. A user-friendly tabbed interface is designed to provide access to advanced digital marketing capabilities, including: natural language segmentation, integrated Web analytics software, email list management, social posting, and behavioral targeting.

Lyris HQ Agency Edition
Lyris HQ Agency Edition enables agencies to help their clients deliver effective email and digital marketing campaigns. The solution provides quick set-up of client-specific subaccounts so agencies can service diverse customers from a single implementation.

With Lyris HQ Agency Edition, agencies can put integrated marketing to work on their clients’ behalf, and brand the white label application any way they want to truly customize the design and templates for each customer.

Lyris HQ Agency Edition users have access to all of the robust features of Lyris HQ along with enhanced account management features, including set-up of company and account-level access to organize and manage tens, hundreds, or even thousands of clients at a more granular level.

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