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The Unintended Consequences of Data Targeting - Publishing Executive,John Philpin - I've been talking a lot about the idea of 'extreme publishing' -- the essence being that most leading brands (including publishers) are actively working on how to deliver against the "market of one." More specifically, identifying and delivering to "a million markets of one" and not "one market of a million." Jim Woessner's poem above speaks volumes to the human side of how we feel sitting on the other side of the equation.


Social Sales Is Not New, It's Thousands of Years Old - Social Media Today,John Philpin - A webinar promotion popped into my social feed this past week asking the question, “Who owns social selling?” It went on to give the case for ‘sales’ and ‘marketing.’ Turns out that it’s neither … apparently it’s a partnership! Really? It takes a webinar to bottom that one out?


Extreme Publishing And Connected Customer Communication Defined - MediaPost,Jake Loechner - According to material from Adotas, and reported by John Philpin in a Lyris blog, we are living in a golden age of massive creativity with people creating and publishing their work directly to their audience. But we, the audience, have to work harder to find it.


What Publishers Can Learn from the Demise of Tech Media Players - EContent,Erik Martin - In the world of digital publishing, the law of the jungle still applies, as it does in any industry: Only the fittest shall survive. But while eContent providers initiate and expire with regularity these days, recent news of the shakeout of three notable names in tech media--Gigaom, Joystiq, and The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)--has caused some players in this space to sit up, take notice, and ask nervous questions.


7 Must-Have Customer Engagement Tools for 2015 - Media Post,Judith Aquino - The explosion of marketing technology tools and software gives marketers innumerable opportunities to engage consumers and provide excellent customer experiences. In fact, 89 percent of marketers expect to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience by 2016, according to Gartner.


Lyris Launches Automated Content Personalization - Marketing Tech Blog, Douglas Carr - Lyris has released Lyris Predictive Personalization, a content engine for publishers to combine machine learning with digital messaging automation to deliver contextually personalized content to each individual subscriber.


Finally; An Intelligent Content Engine for Publishers - Website Magazine, Pete Prestipino - Today's digital media landscape makes capturing the attention and interest of end-users a difficult task. Thanks to personalization (and the tactics and the technologies that support it) however, it's becoming more accessible than ever before.


An Intelligent Content Engine: The Release Of Lyris Predictive Personalization - Adotas, Kalia Donner - At the Digiday Publishing Summit, Lyris announced the release of Lyris Predictive Personalization, the first intelligent content engine for publishers that combines machine learning with digital messaging automation to deliver contextually personalized content to individual subscribers.


Ad Roundup: Tools to help SMBs connect, target - BizReport, Kristina Knight - First, Lyris has released their Lyris Predictive Personalization platform; it's a content engine which allows publishers to use messaging automation and contextually targeted content to the individual level.


Lyris Rolls Out Content Personalization Tool for Publishers and Media Companies - CRM Magazine, Maria Minsker - Email and digital marketing solution provider Lyris has launched Predictive Personalization, a content personalization tool for its clients in the publishing, media, and entertainment spaces.